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AddSecure offers on-site preventive threat and violence training and also as an online training option.

Preventive threat and violence training

Here, the participant will receive comprehensive threat and violence training in response techniques and tools to that can be used to avert critical situations. During training, theory will be interspersed with discussions and practical exercises. Below is an example of what a training program might look like. Theory and exercises are tailored to the wishes and needs of the company.

Purpose: To increase the ability of staff to deal with threatening and violent situations and to meet the requirements of the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

Goal: To increase the ability of staff to think and act preventively through training, discussions and practical exercises. To deal with and act in threatening and violent situations that may occur in the workplace.

Course content

  • • By law, what may we do in a threatening and violent situation?
  • • Mental preparation
  • • Risks
  • • Risk inventory and risk analysis
  • • Stress and reactions
  • • Security culture (before, during and after)
  • • Workplace review
  • • Own routines and action plans
  • • Practical exercises with reflections after each element.
  • • Summary of the day and a reflection about what we have done.

Technology training in personal alarms

This training gives the user a thorough run-through of the alarms used and how the alarm chain works. We will also discuss what to think about before, during and after alarms. If the user does not feel secure with the alarms, the user may refrain from bringing the alarms with him/her.. It is equally important that the alarms work and that staff have an understanding of the technology and feel safe using alarms.

Course content

  • • When should I sound the alarm?
  • • How does the alarm work?
  • • How does the alarm chain work?
  • • How does an Emergency Services Center work?
  • • What should I do after have sounded the alarm?
  • • GPS and GSM
  • • Alarm button
  • • Timer alarm
  • • Man Down
  • • Test alarm
  • • Service and support
  • • Routines
  • • False alarm