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AddSecure Inside

Make the most of your fire and security alarm systems by utilizing our progressive partnerships. Benefit from cost-effective solutions that bring simplicity to installers and end-users.

Under the headline AddSecure Inside we offer advanced solutions in collaboration with some of our partners in the security industry. Secure critical communications is always the focus for us at AddSecure and our offering: beginning with the transfer of an alarm or a distress signal from a partner’s alarm panel to an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) through the AddSecure transmission eco-system. In addition, we can develop and deliver additional functionality together with the partner of choice. Examples of additional functionalities can be building automation, predictive maintenance, or door entry management.

These collaborations bring benefits both to you as a customer and as a partner of AddSecure.

Easy for you as an installer

Make the most of the fire and/or intruder alarm system you are installing by utilizing the AddSecure Inside collaborations. These cost-effective solutions will simplify work life for you as an installer and streamline ordering and provisioning tasks. Secure monitored alarm transmission end-to-end, to certified grade, is only the start. Tested connectivity between panel and cloud follows, and to top that off your customer will have the flexibility to select ARC depending on a need that may vary from time to time.

Flexibility for you as an end-customer

When you as an end customer purchase an alarm system, you have a number of suppliers to choose from. In most cases, you select a combination of an alarm system that fulfills your requirements and a trusted installer. A part of the decision making is also to select and contracting the alarm receiving center or centers that you want to act on the different types of alarm events that may occur. By selecting a solution based on one of the AddSecure Inside collaborations, you will not only see a cost-effective delivery process, but also get a sustainable solution with minimum equipment. By including the AddSecure communications solutions and ARC eco-system, you will get complete flexibility in your choice of one or more ARCs connected to your alarm system

Easy for you as an ARC

By being part of the AddSecure eco-system, your ARC will be available as a selectable choice when setting up alarm transmission. This is true for our general terminal based solutions, but also true for all AddSecure Inside collaborations.

Are you our next AddSecure Inside partner?

Do you want to create a unique, future proof, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for your security system? Through an AddSecure Inside collaboration,  we can – together – integrate and create smart solutions for both end-customers and installers.

AddSecure collaborates with a number of security system providers to make life easy and flexible for our joint customers and installers. Together we are minimizing footprint and increasing sustainability by placing a minimum of additional hardware on-site. And we do so by making secure communications and ARCs available – through the integration of existing functionality within the AddSecure alarm transmission and IoT communications eco-system.

Imagination is our only limit, examples of application areas are:

  • Alarm transmission
  • Remote access
  • Access control/door entry systems
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Monitoring of critical equipment
  • Building Automation
  • Cloud connectivity

AddSecure Inside Partners

The joint solution ARX with AddSecure Inside offers a secure alarm and access solution with integrated certified alarm transmission and simplified alarm subscription management.

The AddSecure Inside alarm transmission solution, provides instant connectivity for Honeywell MAXPRO® Intrusion to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) of choice.

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