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How to get started as a smart municipality

Slimme stede..The smart municipality, like the smart city, opens up a ton of new possibilities. Everything from elder care to policing to waste management is going to be affected. But what should you know before trying to implement it all? Where do you even begin? Here are some common tips and concerns to keep in mind: […]

5 IoT solutions that went wrong – and why

IoT & ve..We’ve already seen plenty of cases where hackers have exploited security holes in the Internet of Things. The results can be quite serious, and sometimes downright terrifying. What most of these cases have in common, however, is that they could easily have been avoided if security had been a bigger priority. 1. Remotely steered a […]

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Een complete, betrouwbare en flexibele IoT-oplossing, die u zelf kunt beheren. Geschikt als u een groter aantal apparaten op een veilige en eenvoudige manier wilt verbinden en beheren. Het geeft…