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School Safety

This solution ensures that the right people get the correct information in time, thus enabling local school teams to prevent or reduce the impact of an incident until external help arrive.

Prevent or reduce the impact of an incident

In the event of a school incident, the AddSecure School Safety solution immediately ensures that the right people get the correct information, that the proper actions are initiated locally and that the right security access levels are adjusted automatically. This prevents or reduces any fatal consequences until the police, security guards or fire fighters arrive.


• The number of serious incidents in schools is steadily increasing in Europe. For example, the reported number of cases of violence and threats against teachers in Sweden has doubled in the last five years.

• Usually the worst damage occurs already during the first ten minutes. This means that local actions must be taken immediately until external assistance arrives.

• Despite investments in code locks and access control systems, a large proportion of incidents are unfortunately still initiated by students or visitors who already have access to the school.


Within seconds of an incident, it is crucial that the right actions are taken locally to minimize any critical consequences. The correct information and instructions about actions such as lockdowns, evacuations or similar, needs to be immediately and automatically distributed in a coordinated manner to the school staff, students and emergency centers.

AddSecure School Safety is a flexible, secure and reliable communications solution, which can immediately handle and act upon all kinds of incidents, triggered manually or automatically, from both fixed and mobile alarms. The alarms can be triggered manually from mobile applications, personal alarms, fixed alarm panels or automatically from other alarm systems.

Within a few seconds all relevant recipients will receive instructions and information according to your predefined incident scenarios. A dedicated high-security pager network assures that all critical communications get through – a congested cellular network or a muted phone is not an alternative in an emergency situation.

The information screens used in the solution, mounted in public areas and staff rooms, can be used for general information such as changes in schedule, food menus etc. when an incident scenario is not active.

Limit personal injuries

With appropriate and immediate local action, you will be able to limit personal injuries and suffering, even save lives.

Minimize wrong decisions

Correct information and clear instructions are spread automatically, so the likelihood of wrong decisions and critical delays is minimized.


Regular use of the solution to present general information and minor incidents such as vandalism and drug sales means that the staff will be accustomed to dealing with the system, which will be necessary if something serious happens. This also indirectly convers a sense of security to both students and school staff.

The system that runs our School Safety solution

TeleCall is our system for critical communication