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Call-out services

Our digital in- and outward alarm transmission solution speeds up and shortens the lead-time between alarm and action. Used by emergency, ambulance and sea rescue services.

Emergency Services

We are the market-leading supplier of call out system solutions for the emergency services. With extensive experience in the operations and activities of the emergency services in Sweden.

Ambulance Services

We offer solutions for ambulance care with Tetra integration and digital alarm dispatch. With flexible and well-designed systems of high quality, we help you with rapid and secure transfer of correct information in accordance to set priorities.

We have extensive experience of ambulance care operations. Our TeleCall system is delivered to several districts in Sweden.

Sea Rescue Services

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society is a voluntary organization providing assistance to private individuals at sea. We have helped the organization build up a nationwide alarm dispatch system to quickly and efficiently call in resources at incidents around Sweden’s coast and its larger lakes. In some areas, the system is coordinated with the corresponding system for the emergency services.

Our emergency solutions help save lives!

Together with our TeleCall system and our digital alarm reception and dispatch service, we can accelerate and shorten the lead time between alarm and action.

We also offer BLIS, a complete system for alarm dispatch to emergency services and industries. The various building blocks are combined into a solution that is specifically tailored to your business.

The system that runs our Public Safety solution

TeleCall is our system for critical communications