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Personal Safety

Some professional groups have an increased risk of exposure to threats and violence. They may belong to categories that work on their own and who suddenly find themselves in vulnerable situations, or professions in which threats unfortunately present a recurring element. In order to successfully deal with such situations, they need to be equipped not only with knowledge and training, but also with technical aids.

Limit personal injury

We have many years of experience in risk and needs analysis. Our solutions for personal safety are always tailored to the specific needs of the workplace and contribute to limiting personal injury and protecting workplaces.

The solution is specifically designed for employees who work alone in dangerous environments or who vulnerable to threats and violence.

The aim of AddSecure is to help municipalities and businesses increase the security and safety of their employees. As part of achieving those goals, we are constantly working with evaluating the aids and the latest technology so that we can recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to our customers.

Personal alarms fulfills a need to secure the workplace for employees, especially those who work alone in hazardous environments. Personal alarms target two different risk groups:

• Risk of violence – People who, in their work, may be exposed to threats or violence
• Risk of accident – People who, in their work, are exposed to a major accident risk

AddSecure uses the Swedish Work Environment Agency's bullet list when helping customers with the purchase of alarm equipment:

  • • Availability
  • • Reliability
  • • Handling instructions
  • • Easy to operate
  • • Recipient of alarm
  • • Actions when alarm is received
  • • Maintenance and control
  • • Positioning, Man-down function
  • • Radio coverage
  • • Exercises

Risk of violence

The best way to avoid a threatening situation developing into violence or assault is to quickly get another colleague to the site. In case of violence or assault, additional persons can stop the abuse and limit injuries. Our personal alarms include alarm buttons but also automatic alarm functions such as fall alarms and Man Down (person stays lying down for too long).

Risk of accident

In the event of serious accidents, time to first aid is very critical. Despite the fact that the ambulance in Sweden normally arrives after about ten minutes, ambulance personnel only manage to save one cardiac arrest in ten. Ensuring that a colleague can come quickly to begin first aid can save lives. Our personal alarms include alarm buttons but also automatic alarm functions such as fall alarms and Man Down (person stays lying down for too long). If you work in areas with poor cellphone coverage, our timer alarm is a good way to ensure assistance.

Tense meetings

There are a number of environments where meetings can be tense and threatening. Some examples are in Social Services when delivering a message about taking over the care of children, or vehicle inspection where a driving ban is imposed upon the car. Calling a colleague quickly reduces the risk of the threatening situation developing into violence or abuse. Fixed alarm buttons in selected risk environments connected to a TeleCall system create increased security at these workplaces.

The system that runs our Personal Safety solution

TeleCall is our system for critical communications