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Local Alarm Receiving Center

A solution used for setting up local alarm receiving centers, enabling your organization to maintain critical competence in-house, increase efficiency and save costs.

Streamline and save costs

Using the TeleCall system, we can help you build up a local alarm receiving center. This is a way for your organization to maintain critical competence in-house, and to streamline and save costs. A local alarm receiving center can also be a good alternative for critical operations where you do not wish to involve external organizations.

Alarm Management

TeleCall offers both automatic and manual alarm management. Monitoring terminals creates the same security as at the large, established alarm receiving centers. Receiving alarms locally also creates greater opportunities, for example in the procurement of guard opportunities. Routing the alarm from one security company to another takes a few minutes. Automatic alarm dispatch creates both speed and efficiency dealing with the emergency services and local security companies. By offering pagers to the security company, security guards can be alerted within a few seconds without the unnecessary delay from using an external alarm receiving center. Smart apps offer self-service options for service work and regular tests.

Social Care Alarms

TeleCall offers reception of social care alarms and an operator workstation for these. Having an independent alarm receiving center creates better opportunities when procuring social care alarms. By using TeleCall’s alarm dispatch options, home-help teams can easily and efficiently be alerted. With our new AddSecure Responder app, alarm dispatch and the follow-up of cases becomes very smooth.

Back office operation support

TeleCall offers a number of functions to facilitate back office operation support for operators dealing with emergency services, ambulance and sea rescue services. Fixed alarm panels or touch screens at the station make it easy and quick to dispatch escalation alarms, backup leaders etc. without going through another external party. With our mobile alarm panel in the TeleCall Remote app, your operation manager can, for example, personally activate a reinforcement alarm directly from his or her cellphone. TeleCall’s alarm client creates an overview and good monitoring possibilities for your operator.

The system that runs our Local Receiving Center solution

TeleCall is our system for critical communications