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Safe Workplace

Our solutions guarantee important social functions and help minimize damage and prevent disasters. They are used in office premises, at airports, in ports, electricity networks and nuclear power plants, as well as stadiums, industries, shopping malls and more.

Minimizing, managing and processing damage

When something happens in the workplace, every second is precious in order to prevent serious consequences. There is not always time to wait for assistance from the police, security guards or the fire department etc. The right people need the correct information and the correct instructions – you have to act right away!

AddSecure Safe Workplace is a flexible and reliable communications solution to directly, safely and efficiently:

  • Initiating local actions
  • Warning colleagues locally
  • Communicating with and inform many people over large geographical areas

Restricting personal injuries - even saving lives

Reducing the cost of downtime, delays in delivery and emergency situations

Limiting any damage to facilities and the cost of unnecessary insurance matters

Increasing the security and well-being of your employees, resulting in lower costs for undesired absenteeism and staff turnover

Examples of applications


Each municipality has different needs for security and safety solutions. These may deal with authorization systems, intelligent camera support that is activated when necessary, the surveillance of buildings etc.. With the right choice of technical aids, staff, buildings and premises are safer and more secure. We currently have collaborative agreements with over 200 Swedish municipalities.

Critical facilities

Critical facilities undertake operations which are critical to society at large and/or operations, which can seriously affect the entire society in the event of a major incident. Airports, ports and electrical power stations are examples of facilities with operations critical to keeping a society functioning. Petrochemical industries, nuclear power plants and oil depots are examples of operations where a serious accident can, in the worst case, mean that entire cities must be evacuated.

What these have in common is the need to be able to quickly detect disturbances and to immediately and safely disseminate information both within the enterprise and also to the community in the vicinity. The need to reach many recipients quickly and safely is crucial for effective crisis operation on site. Our TeleCall system can, via its high-quality radio system, ensure the simultaneous, fast, secure and efficient dissemination of information both within the enterprise and beyond to SOS Alarm, the emergency services and the emergency preparedness officer for the municipality. Local control of traffic flows via traffic lights and gates ensures quick and safe operation and prevents unauthorized access to the incident area.


Stadiums, arenas and amusement parks should be places bringing joy and pleasure to friends and family. As a manager, you will face a great challenge to ensure a safe environment for both staff and visitors, especially with large and lively crowds. A reliable communications solution is the most important lifeblood to effectively secure your events.

Industry, manufacturing and warehousing

Production disruptions and serious incidents in the manufacturing environment can cause significant costs and at worst endanger the long-term viability of a company. With a solution that allows for immediate action taken by the closest colleagues, major savings can be made.

With our TeleCall system, notification of technical errors that arise in production can be sent immediately to the operators, who can quickly address the problem, fire incidents can initiate a local extinguishing effort while waiting for emergency services etc. We take complete responsibility for our deliveries and assignments, which include project planning, installation, commissioning and service.

Shopping malls

Commerce is a particularly vulnerable sector where threats, robberies and thefts in stores are common throughout the country. Securing staff and goods is a major challenge. By installing alarm systems that directly call out local security guards, time to action can be shortened and many minor incidents can be averted before they cause greater damage.

When you, as store manager, shop owner or property owner choose our security solutions, you not only benefit from easy-to-use and reliable operations, but also a price-effective, high-quality solution with innovative functionality.

The system that runs our Local Alert solution

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