Airborne DC

Airborne DC is a small and versatile alarm transmitter with 2 inputs for installation in a control panel. The Airborne DC transmits alarms from intruder and fire alarm systems over the mobile network and communicates via both mobile data (2G/4G) and text message to ensure that alarms are received.

Airborne DC Alarm Transmitter

DC stands for Dial Capture and means that analogue alarm protocols, such as Contact ID and Robofon, are digitized before being transmitted to the receiver. The DC technology secures alarm transmission, offers improved reliability and simplifies reception at the alarm receiving centre.

The Airborne DC can be used with traditional telephone diallers and alarms with digital signals. It also offers serial communication, such as ESPA-444.


  • Available in several sizes, with or without an enclosure and battery backup

  • Quickly and easily installed